Sunday, January 2, 2011

Busy Summer and Fall

With such a busy summer and fall we neglected the blog, with the new year we hope to stay on top of posting more to keep those that follow up to date. This posting with summarize what we been up too lately.

Spring was quite a challenge in 2010 while we had planned ahead and started most of our seeds indoors we lost most of them to a cold and very wet spring. We were not alone and found that even many of that veg table growers that participate in the Bellingham Farmers market had to replant. We were able to do well with lettuce, peas, cabbage, spring and winter squash, corn and bean but never enough to sell. We had lots of requests for tomatoes but only harvested a couple handfuls but with the addition of our green houses we were picking tomatoes until Nov just before Thanksgiving when we had a very hard freeze. We are hoping that with the greenhouses and starting seeds again indoors we will do better. Each year we hope to do better as we learn more about growing and harvesting in the Pacific Northwest.

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